According to the new bankruptcy law bankruptcy credit counseling

Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Effective October 17, 2005 is a requirement of the new bankruptcy law. Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, shortly before the bankruptcy petition prior to the submission of the debtor within 180 days of filing for bankruptcy to complete credit counseling bankruptcy court's approval is required.

Bankruptcy credit counseling prior to filing for bankruptcy for the new requirements, the Internet, credit counseling, telephone counseling for God, or a specific group or individual credit counseling can be completed, the bankruptcy court approved credit counseling agency. The United States, according to the new bankruptcy law, bankruptcy credit counseling approved the trustee's office is responsible for Office of the United States trustee, a non-profit budget and credit counseling agency or a nonprofit budget and credit counseling agency that provided by the law if they meet certain strict requirements on personal financial management courses may be approved.

New bankruptcy laws bankruptcy more difficult than ever before. New bankruptcy law credit card companies and the debtor difficult to wipe out credit card debt and wanted their high power was fueled by lobbyists. Bankruptcy Credit Counseling seek protection from the bankruptcy court to postpone the debtor can be seen by many bankruptcy lawyers. Obtain or delay foreclosure judgment creditor to collect funds may be enough time for.

How to consult a bankruptcy attorney, most of the phone in a hurry to complete the debtor that are looking for the easiest. Most of the telephone counseling can be completed in approximately one hour.

All bankruptcy counseling credit counseling agencies to charge the maximum amount is set by law. No bankruptcy credit counseling agency for credit counseling can not be charged more than $ 50.00. Bankruptcy credit counseling session is completed, the debtor in the bankruptcy filing of the debtor's bankruptcy petition presented to the court a certificate from the credit counseling agency should be provided....