Bankruptcy - You can be a problem and more signs

25-50% in the last year of the country's business bankruptcy attorney will be reported. Why is that? Set to take effect this month, the new bankruptcy law, the law is much stricter than in the past. In that case, I may be, but all do not have to hurry pasanneun tough law was declared. Guarantee their situation difficult choice that many people are still wondering no doubt.

These include a few things to consider when deciding to file:

You write a check when you do not have the money to - this is that most people do from time to time when something is because the bill Tuesday, but you will not be paid until Friday. So you put a check off e-mail at the time writing a check, you will have a salary of hope. There are a couple of problems. It is to make it much shorter than the time it takes to clear is used. ,
Uncheck the night often, if you do not have the money, the bank and the payee all arrears may apply. You should note it is illegal to write a check when you know as a bonus, we have the money in your account does not

You do pay for groceries with a credit card? Means when we empty out so you do not mean when we lost you. Food is a recurring cost. You need to eat every month, so you need to set aside money to food. You find that you use your Visa card when you 'you do not buy their milk, you probably have a serious problem.
Your credit card is maxed out, and a new application - the card is full, it is time to pay the balance. Apply a credit card because you have a problem, you are still full. Credit is not a problem anymore, it undoubtedly would be even worse.

These are just a few things you can do is a sign of serious financial problems. You with a serious look on your total financial situation to discover if it's time to go on a regular basis for you to do at least one of them owns. Now the issue of a credit counselor or a bankruptcy attorney to discuss one of the two might be a good time. Is in a good mood so quickly.